The Brain is our Biggest Sex Organ!

 is our #biggestsexorgan by a long shot, for all genders. And the dopamine release in the brain with male & #femaleorgasm are BY FAR the best way to bring a lover #backformore! It’s how the brain was made!! We have been distracting people from the focus on seismic female eruptions long enough. The size & girth of what slips right past the jackpot of pleasure nerves on the OUTSIDE of her body—also (hardly) known as the #clitoris — is missing the point of many returns!! Focus on what is right there in front of you!! The key is in the coming. Hers. Back for more. Fingers, lips, tongues of ANY SIZE may apply (and be applied.) Dexterity, rhythm, stamina are important assets. An unstimulated clitoris will inevitably lead to #lowlibido response in the brain, over time. Focus on the SIZE of what I just said. 💥 💥 💥 

#shecomesfirst #sizematters #womenspleasure #comeagain #you1st #brainsex #drteresawood #drsorders #doctorsorders #feminism #letstalkaboutsex

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