Performance Poet, Physician, Sexual Revolutionary!


“For the love of people, the joy of life long learning, the privilege and honour of being present for people’s birth & departures, growth & healing experiences, regularly.

“Somewhere along my degree in Philosophy, I needed to DO something about the things I was thinking about so much.  I had tried writing about it, speaking about it, meditating on it…  I finally got it: hey, I could just BE the change I want to see in this world!!  I wanted to BE the one who made the natural normal. And after enough dis-appointments with doctors who acted like they knew what they did not about women’s health, I wanted to BE the doctor who didn’t make women cry. Who knew we’d all have so much fun in the end…!

“Now, after over a decade of practice, I am feeling pulled back into the world of speaking, teaching, writing. It is time to bring the “Wow Doctor, what you said to us about sex, changed my/our life!” to more than individuals and couples in my practice. It is time for the the world to know there can be peace, pleasure and passion for EVERYONE involved!”

Dr Teresa Wood, MD BA


Dr. Teresa M Wood, MD BA has been working with youth, adults and seniors around issues of sex, intimacy, sexuality, and gender for over 2 decades.  She has taught workshops all over Canada and the US which are designed to help increase awareness about needs, desires, bodies, feelings, thoughts, hang-ups, fear, frustration, ecstasy, emotion, spirituality, sensitivities, and sexiliciousness of a topic she finds far from taboo:  SEX! 

In the late 90’s, she opened a Sex & Intimacy Coaching/ Therapy Practice for individuals & couples who were inspired by her seminars to enjoy their intimate lives more fully. She continues to work with clients (teens, adults, seniors) from around the continent, in person and online.  Her open-minded & comfortable approach, makes her clients feel relieved that they shared their concerns & inspired about their fresh outlook. She specializes in creating  HOT, easy, loving relationships, deep intimacy, and comfort/clarity with one’s sexual orientation, gender-orientation, fantasies, fetishes, past trauma, physical limitations, and medical concerns.

Speaker, Seminar Leader, Writer, Spoken-Word/ Performance artist, Yoga practitioner/ Teacher,  Sexologist, and Family/Sexual Medicine Doctor, she is still finding moments to write her books about women’s sexual pleasure, to accompany her Sexy Seminars.

Her training in Philosophy, at University of Chicago, and her Medical Doctorate at UBC, in Vancouver, Canada, enhanced her determination to get women’s wellness out of textbook ideology and onto the pages of every person’s real life story.  

Dr. Teresa holds the strong, and sometimes unpopular belief that a bit of honest talk about sex could REVOLUTIONIZE THE SEX LIVES, and indeed, the LIVES of women… and, of course, everyone else involved!!!   🙂 

Women & men of all ages flock to hear her fun, open, relaxed words on “the things people don’t talk about.”  They leave with a whole new bag of tricks, and a fresh outlook, marked by new, huge, knowing smiles on their faces.


Teresa has been on stages since her teens and can’t seem to get off them. She writes performance poetry, one-women shows, and toured as a spoken word artist in the 90’s and 00’s to stages at LadyFest in Chicago, Michigan Women’s Music Festival, Vancouver’s Cultch & Café Deux Soleil, New York, Seattle before taking her philosophies, performance and poetic mind to medical school. During her travels, she continued to offer her Sexy Sex Seminars at Conferences, and Sexual Health Clinics and sex toy shops across North America.

In Our Hands, a book of collected writings of medical students, contains one of her poems written in anatomy lab. She also was voted to give the valedictorian speech for her medical class, UBC ’06, during which she performed her spin on Shakespeare’s “To Be or Not To Be”, called “To Study or Not to Study”, and talked about Placebo Effect.

Since becoming a twin mom, which she says, “made medical residency seem like a walk in the park”, Dr Teresa has started writing Children’s books to help kids feel comfortable at the doctor’s office and help kids & twins negotiate the sibling relationship.

Click here to stay a’breast’ of Dr Teresa Wood’s up’coming’ book–the 1st in a box set about Sexual Pleasure for Women and Everyone else Involved. This non-fiction series, aims to end taboos and hang-ups about sexual pleasure, and offer hilarious, entertaining, fun teachings that make the human body’s natural function as hot and sexy as they were designed to be.

I see a world where people, plants and animals acknowledge, appreciate and enjoy each other, take time to just BE, make time to taste, feel, smell, see, hear, sense, and BE the sustainable world in which we live. 
I taste a world energized by the fragrance of fraternity, sensualized by the sweetness of sexuality, forgiving the soon to be forgotten, and moving into the now with a presence worth preserving.
My senses savour the silence of my breath, breathing life in with ease.

Dr Teresa Wood

Writer, Medical Doctor, Twin Mom, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Sexual Medicine, and Spoken Word Artist