Dr. Teresa M Wood is a performer, a poet, a philosopher and a medical doctor. Trained in Philosophy at University of Chicago (AB’98), she has always been interested in the ways in which science and belief are applied to our bodies, our wellness, our sexuality and our education.

For years thereafter, she used her stage presence, her poetry and her humorous teaching style to help her audience unlearn the old-school Sex Education that created fear and shame in place of respectful sexuality. Her pleasure positive Sexy Seminars replaced Sex-Ed with awareness, empowerment, and access to healthy hotness within relationships.

In 2006, she earned a Medical Doctorate and pursued her interest in Sexual Medicine. She continues to write and work in BC, Canada as a physician, and a Sex/Intimacy & Relationship Coach, revamping the topic formerly known as Sex-Ed. Dr. Wood believes we need to change our approach to sexuality, and sex education, if we want to benefit from all our brains and bodies have to offer in terms of full expression of wellness and pleasure. She believes a focus on the physiology of pleasure will give all genders the tools to understand each other, please each other, and communicate for everyone’s benefit.

According to Dr. Teresa, it is time for a Sexual R/Evolution that promotes conversations about giving (some), rather than getting (some). She means to turn #metoo into #you1st: a movement based on consensual communicative mind-boggling pleasure for all.

What People Say

I have been ashamed about so many things you just made sound normal and sexy. I am so glad I was able to hear this.

23, Female,
College Lecture

I don’t know if you know what your up to young lady, but I hope you don’t let anyone stand in your way! – including yourself! I am 83 and I just had my first orgasm after your talk! My husband would have loved to see this!! I’m so glad my daughter and granddaughter attended your talk with me. You are improving lives!

83, Female, 2002 US Sexy Seminar

Thank you so much for having the courage to stand in front of all these people and wear our fears and vulnerabilities, so we could hear your message. You changed my life! Where were you when I was 18!?!?

37, Male, Public Event Seminar

Let’s work together.

Writer, Medical Doctor, Twin Mom, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Sexual Medicine, and Spoken Word Artist