Promoting Peace, Passion & Pleasure

“Most men DO want women to have as much fun as they are having.  Many tell me they either  didn’t know HOW to make it happen, or they assumed it WAS happening, since it SEEMED to be happening!  Most guys don’t need a kick in the butt. They need a Lover’s Manual and a good talking WITH! Let’s talk!”

Dr Teresa Wood

Sexy Sex Seminars: interactive discussions with fun, easy-going, comfortable professional teaching from an expert speaker on the subject.

Dr. Teresa M Wood, MD BA has been working with youth, adults and seniors around issues of sex, intimacy, sexuality, and gender for over a decade.  She has taught workshops all over Canada and the US which are designed to help increase awareness about needs, desires, bodies, feelings, thoughts, hang-ups, fear, frustration, ecstasy, emotion, spirituality, sensitivities, and sexiliciousness of a topic she finds far from taboo:  SEX!

For whom?  Women & those who love being with women
About what? Things people don’t talk about….
Such as? Pleasure: how to get some and give it! Female Ejaculation, Fantasies, Anal Sex, Orgasms, Breaking News in Female Anatomy, Hanging up Hang ups…
Informative?  Very
Pornographic?   No. Not at all.
Hot?  Absolutely
Funny? LOL
Format:  Lecture & Interactive Discussion, Laughter, Images, Powerpoint, Poster, Props, Poetry.

Dr. Teresa’s Available Seminars

Teaching Sex & Intimacy

Hotter Sex For Women… and Everyone Else Involved 

Open to individuals, couples of all genders & sexual orientations

Hotter Sex For Women and Everyone Else Involved is a refreshingly woman-positive, sex-positive unveiling of many aspects of sex that everybody and every body would love to know about, if there was a comfortable way to discover them.  Well there is!  Dr. Teresa offers a revolutionary philosophical approach to sexual pleasure which allows women and their partners to fully enjoy each other’s bodies, their own bodies, and their sex lives!  From the anatomy and physiology of women’s sexual pleasure to succulent ways to enliven our fantasy-worlds and realities, Dr. Teresa will make you laugh, and feel comfortable–at long last–about many topics that you’ll be inspired to go “research” further.  This is not pornographic in any way, but rather straight-forward, honest conversation for the advancement of orgasms, pleasure and satisfaction for women and their lovers.

Min 6 ppl, no max, 10+ Group discounts

1.5-2 hours (allow extra time for larger groups, and active audiences!)

Hot Sex @ Your Fingertips. mmm! 

Self Lovin’ Seminar

Hot Sex @ Your Fingertips. mmm! is a women’s-only Seminar generating a healthy sense of emotional and sensational Self Love for women from their hearts to their fingertips.   Psychological and physical self-love are deeply connected, and so very important for our wellness as women.  Yet, masturbation is scorned, rather than taught; shamed, rather than encouraged!  It’s time for a RE-evolution!  Dr. Teresa offers a refreshing, sex-positive and fun-filled approach to healthy philosophy and physiology of self-love. Come unleash those trapped fantasies and learn how your body wants to work for you–and how your mind must learn to play along!   For indeed, can we truly make love to anyone else, when we can’t masterfully make love to ourselves?!!     :)) 

Min 10 ppl, max 100, 10+ Group discounts

1.5 Hours

The ‘W’onders of Female Ejaculation: Who Wet What When & Why?!?!    

The Wonders (“Who Wet What When & Why’s”) of Ejane-ulation is a Seminar and Q&A session is for women-only to allow for comfortable, in-depth uncovering of this phantastic phenomena Dr. Teresa has renamed: EJANULATION (where men E-Jack-ulate, women’s very different, but parallel phenomenon seems better named after Jane!)  Women have the chance, in this confidential and relaxed environment, to raise questions or concerns about the fluid they express during sex, understand why it occurs, distinguish between urine and ejanulate, and review techniques & treasures of this pleasure.  Enjoy Dr. Teresa’s entertaining, fun & comfortable teaching style while she elucidates the various forms of orgasmic pleasure including–but not limited to–the fine art of Ejaneulation.


Min 10 ppl, max 100, 10+ Group discounts

1.5 Hours

ReCreating Our Sex Lives – Therapeutic Sessions

Individual & Couple Sessions

  • Sex re-education, exploration
  • Sex & intimacy re-creation
  • Fantasies, fear & freedom
  • Mind, body & spirit integration

N.B. To maintain the safe space for discussion, late- comers will not be permitted to attend, so… PLEASE arrive 10 minutes before the start of session!

Writer, Medical Doctor, Twin Mom, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Sexual Medicine, and Spoken Word Artist